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Complete refurbishment ­ speedy process, best finished result. Having refurbished hundreds of homes in London in more than 10 years, we are confident, we will transform your home into a much better place. We will take care of all aspects of the project: getting materials and good tradesmen whenever needed, organizing works to be carried out without delays. We will be in close contact with you throughout the project: updating you about the progress, answering your questions, giving you advice if appropriate. Normally we will leave up to you choose the finishes, equipment, colours ­ however, we will be happy to assist you in selecting and sourcing those.

Staged renovations. Many homeowners tend to renovate only some part of their home, while living in that same property during the works. However, once that part of your home is renovated, the other parts, although initially looked reasonably OK, now will be in much contrast. You may plan to renovate the other rooms at some later point ­ if it takes too long, the now newly refurbished rooms will loose their shine and the story will repeat: there will again be a contrast. There are some other serious issues related with staged improvements:

• You will not achieve interior design consistency: there will be few different types of flooring, skirting boards, decorations. Your home may look fragmented and it may even affect the finishing quality.
• You will not be able to upgrade electrical wiring, central heating system ­ you may not be aware of how outdated these might be, until a major fault happens.
• You will be calling in tradesmen a few times, having to cope with dust, dirt and noise, and you will be lucky if all of them are good.
• Overall it will cost you much more money and time than if you were to do it all at once.

If staged renovation is the only available option, then best decision is to call in some friends or family over a weekend and do it as a DIY project ­ of course, leaving bathroom and kitchen installation to the specialists.